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30 - 08 - 2016
Venues Report For August
The latest round up of all the news from our fisheries is now available HERE
23 - 08 - 2016
Cart Pond - Closure
Over the last couple of days we have noticed that the roach in Cart Pond have been showing signs of stress and unfortunately we have had a few mortalities. We have had the EA look at the water and they have taken some samples for analysis, we should know more in a few days time. In the meantime as recommended by the EA we have taken the decision to close Cart Pond. At the moment Stemps is still open and members can continue to fish there. We will continue to monitor the water on a daily basis and as soon as we have further information we will let you know.

22 - 08 - 2016
Use Of Dip Tanks
It has been brought to our attention that not all members are using the dip tanks at our fisheries. These are designed to protect our fish stocks and it is most important that ALL members use them when entering or leaving a fishery. May we remind you that if you are found not to be using the dip tanks then your membership is at risk.
21 - 08 - 2016
Improvements To Access At Watersfield - Saturday 27th August
Are you in a position to give up a couple of hours on next Saturday from about 10am to assist with carrying out improvements to the uneven surface to the footpath under the railway bridge?

This area has gradually been eroded by successive floods and by the passage of cattle and now presents a risk of injury to anglers, especially when loaded up with gear. The project is to provide a timber retaining structure and then to introduce hardcore/scalpings to give a more resilient and even surface. It is a significant job so we will be doing it in 2 phases.

Phase 1 - the first stage of the work is being done on Sat (27th August) and will involve moving the timber from the car park to the railway bridge, digging out and fixing the boards to the existing timber piers and getting into the stream to remove the accumulated bricks and debris that is blocking its flow. These will then be used to backfill behind the timber boards.

Phase 2 - This will be a second work party in a few weeks time to transport the scalpings from the car park to the bridge (we are hiring a dumper to do this), to spread, lay and compact the scapings to provide a finished surface.

We have a few volunteers already but 'many hands make light work' so it would be great if you could assist, either on Saturday or at the second work party. Please could you let us know if you can by emailing rich.donnelly@gmail.com.
12 - 08 - 2016
Have You Spotted Any Mink On The Rother?
We have recently received reports from Members that Mink are once again appearing on several of our stretches of the Rother. Unfortunately these non native animals can not only decimate our fish stocks they are also non-selective predators capable of killing many of our native wildlife ranging from amphibians, rodents and birds. They are partly responsible for the massive decline in water vole numbers we have seen in Britain.

It is generally accepted that the only way to resolve the mink problem is to actively control mink using humane methods. This is done by setting cage traps to capture them alive which is why we would like members to let us know where they have been seen so the traps can be strategically placed in the right location.

Would members who spot mink on any of our waters please contact our Chairman Roger Poole either by email at roger@rapoole.fsnet.co.uk or text (not phone call please) to 07714 345037.