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20 - 08 - 2014
Hurston Middle Pond Closed
We have had some problems with the middle pond at Hurston and have decided that it should be closed until further notice. We have a visit from the EA  today and they will hopefully be able to help us solve the issues.
Many thanks for your co-operation
15 - 08 - 2014
Dairy Lane Closure
Dairy Lane the road leading to the farm through which we gain access to Stemps and Cart will be subject to a partial closure on Sunday 24th August between 10.00am and 17.30pm. You can still gain access to the fishery via Pound Lane during this time.
05 - 08 - 2014
Work Party Hurston Lane 19th August
We have an evening work party scheduled for Tuesday 19th August at Hurston. We have a fair amount of tree trimming to do and this is going to generate quite a lot of material to burn. We will also have another go at the weed in the tench pond. If you can spare us a few hours we will be starting at around 5.30pm and going on until about 8.30.
04 - 08 - 2014
Chris Humphry Memorial Trophy 2014

Outstanding and surprising news!

Not since this trophy was first awarded back in 2011, have I been able to write that a barbel was caught during this fish-in for barbel enthusiasts. What was conceived as an annual event often had to be repeated later in the season in the hope of finding a winner, so often without a result.

However, on this occasion (the eighth time the event has been held) not only was one caught, but a second, too, and both fish captured by the same person. The winning angler was Chris Exall who didn’t take long to ensure that Lynnette Humphry would be able to present the trophy for only the second time. Chris landed his first fish within an hour of the start, and what a fish it was – a new personal best of 15 lbs 15 oz. He was so shocked and excited that he neglected to take a photo, but the fish was witnessed and weighed by Nelson Keet who was fishing nearby. Later in the day Chris had the misfortune to lose a fish, but he made up for this bad luck by catching another before the end – this time a smaller double of 10 lbs 4 oz. Heartiest congratulations to Chris for putting the rest of us to shame and walking away with a well-deserved trophy.

Copyright Petworth and Bognor Angling Club West Sussex
A jubilant Chris with his second double figure Barbel of the event

As well as Chris, there were another fifteen of us who fished (see below) including a couple of newcomers. In total £190 was raised for charity, which Lynnette suggested on this occasion should be Prostate Cancer UK, which was unanimously agreed.

Copyright Petworth and Bognor Angling Club West Sussex

A very happy Chris Exall receiving the Trophy from a relieved Lynnette Humphry

Thanks to Lynnette for her continued support and to Mick Mills and Martin Cornish who helped organise this worthy event.

Participants: Daniel Bolton, Colin Bridger, Dave Chambers, Martin Cornish, Martyn Cullern, Chris Exall, Peter Foster, Matthew Goody, Steve Howe, Nelson Keet, Mike Kitchener, Mick Mills, Christophe Pelhate, Clive Pester, Victor Shepherd and Steve Warner

Peter Foster

30 - 07 - 2014
River Monitoring on Shopham Riffles
There will be a small team measuring water depths and sediment depths in the Shopham Riffle area on Friday 1st August. This is part of the ongoing Shopham Riffle project and the measurements are designed to assess the state of the river one year on from the installation of the riffle. They will be on site from around 9am to 3pm but It is unlikely that they are going to seriously impede fishing however we would ask anglers to take guidance from the team with regard to where they can fish during the duration of the survey. The team leader has said that if any members of the club would like to see what is happening they are welcome to go along and watch. Apologies for the short notice but we have only just had confirmation.
Many thanks for your co-operation. 

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