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21 - 09 - 2014
Found At Coultershaw
A 20 inch landing net has been found at Coultershaw by one of our Bailiffs.

If the owner would like to claim it please contact the Webmaster

07 - 09 - 2014
One of our members has reported getting into difficulties when fishing the reed beds at Watersfield. The mud on the Arun is best avoided where possible, cattle drinking from the river has made matters worse so please take extreme care on some of these swims, if it’s very muddy underfoot and close to the river which is of course tidal then don’t risk it.
Throughout the coming months we share this stretch with a local shoot, so please be aware and if possible make yourself known where you are fishing especially if well concealed.
03 - 09 - 2014
Hurston Lane Closure
We regret that we have to inform all members that we have had an outbreak of KHV at Hurston Lane. The venue will remain closed until at least the end of September. We are working with the the EA and Cefas to minimise the impact on this and our other fisheries. We will be sending all members a letter in the next few days which explains the situation and we will be putting measures in place to protect all our fisheries - read more HERE
23 - 08 - 2014
Ufortunately we have had to take the decision to temporarily close Hurston Lane completely until further notice. There is strictly no access to the fishery during the period of this closure.
Thank you for your co-operation
20 - 08 - 2014
Hurston Middle Pond Closed
We have had some problems with the middle pond at Hurston and have decided that it should be closed until further notice. We have a visit from the EA  today and they will hopefully be able to help us solve the issues.
Many thanks for your co-operation

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