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22 - 07 - 2014
EA Survey Coultershaw
Due to some equipment problems at Fittleworth this morning the EA survey team were unable to move onto Coultershaw. They will now be surveying Coultershaw on Thursday 24th July in the morning. They will be working the top straight just below the cattle drink. Disruption to angling should be minimal but please take instruction from the EA personnel with regard to where you can fish.
Thanks for your co-operation.
16 - 07 - 2014
Annual EA Fish Survey - Coultershaw and Fittleworth
The EA will be carrying out surveys on the Rother at Coultershaw and Fittleworth on Tuesday 22nd July.

They will start in the morning at Fittleworth and will be surveying a stretch from around 100 yds below Fittleworth Bridge. In the afternoon they will be moving up to Coultershaw and will be working in the first straight just down stream of the cattle drink.

Disruption to angling should be minimal but please take instruction from them on the day if you intend to fish.
The EA have said If anyone would like to visit to see what they are doing they are more than welcome.

Many thanks for your co-operation
16 - 07 - 2014
Cattle at Watersfield
Recently Besley Farm had three of their cows get into difficulties when they entered into ditches in the fields adjoining our stretch of the River Arun at Watersfield close to where we fish.

If any of our members see cattle in ditches whilst visiting this venue would they please contact the following immediately:

Rich:  07974 219836.
Joe:  07816 996036.

Many thanks for your co-operation.
12 - 07 - 2014
As we move in to the peak of the season it has become noticeable that there is more litter being left at our venues. The Fishery Management team work hard to keep our venues as clean and tidy as possible but they cannot be expected to pick up your litter. Please when you pack up from your session ensure that the peg you have fished and the immediate area is clear of litter and if you do happen to see something on the way back to your car it takes 30 seconds to pick it up and helps keep our waters looking good and our landlords happy. Many thanks for your cooperation
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An example of what we don't want to see at our venues. This was picked up very recently by one of our bailiffs
11 - 07 - 2014
Work Party - Hurston Lane 22nd July
We have a scheduled evening work party on Hurston Lane on July the 22nd. If you could spare us a few hours we would be very grateful. The work party will start at around 5.30 and go on until about 8.30. Please bring any general gardening tools you might have. We would also like to have a serious hit at the duck weed on the tench pond so if you could bring along a landing net, handle and chest waders (if you have them) that would be useful.
Many thanks

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